Tangible and Intangible Commons

It was a pleasure to participate at the Tangible and Intangible Commons symposium on June 13th at the University of Brighton’s Grand Parade campus in the city centre.

An insightful and reflective account of the event can be found here, written by architect, academic and event coordinator Dr Alessandro Zambelli, detailing presentations given by the 10 invited speakers. Our common ground lies within the discourse relating to ideas of ‘commons’ and processes of ‘commoning’ which we know to be a topical subject of increasing academic and community interest.

Entitled (re)public Brighton, I presented a selection of propositional work from our 2015/16 undergraduate studio situated in Valley Gardens. These gardens represent Brighton’s most significant public space and are (in all but name) important urban commons. During the course of the year long enquiry, our studio sought to bring evidence of the value of urban common land, far beyond its mere physical state, in allowing for (re)production of public space in the contemporary city.

Set within the symposium’s wider context with a diverse field of speakers including historians, architects, human geographers, planners and landscape architects, we were invited to consider what the future might look like for these valuable and historic contested urban spaces.

[MEERA LAD: City Choreography: A Social Dance Event Centre]

Further project work from this studio can be found here and below.


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